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I've always supported the idea of restoring Garrison Creek - I came across this article about daylighting (restoring buried waterways) the False Creek in Vancouver - I posted a link to the article on my blog, and decided to promote the idea of daylighting Garrison Creek in Toronto

 Vancouver councillor pitches 'blueway' from False Creek to Fraser River
I've done the same on Facebook
It will be interesting to see what happens - There are very few current postings with any information about Garrison Creek at the moment - The Ontario government is proposing to build a new Ontario Line between the Science Centre and Ontario Place - This new line is going to have to pass over under or through this buried creek which is tunneled through a old brick pipe about 8 feet in diameter - I'm sure that the city's planners are aware of this, but I haven't seen anything mentioned publicly - I'm sure this is not the biggest problem as it's going to be very difficult to tunnel adjacent to the footings and foundations of old buildings and new skyscrapers, and under the PATH pedestrian network, but it's going to be very interesting to see how they handle the buried buried creek - There are some small groups that have been promoting the idea of daylighting the creek for decades
I have a personal interest in this, as the house I grew up in was built over top of the creek just north of Christie Pits Park - The creek actually flowed two doors away below 31 Pendrith Street - I'm sure that Grandpa told you the story of the old man he met that said he used to fish there as a boy - This photo could have been taken very close by - There is an even better photo of a boy fishing on the bank - I'll forward it if I come across it again



Ford's plans are more in line with my proposals than any plans proposed to date - For the most part; my proposals are not my own plans but my preferred choices selected from the hundreds of proposals made over the past decades

My choices are based on what I feel are the best solutions for an efficient and effective long-term public transit network, not just quick fixes - For those that support LRT over subways; I am in favour of using the best combination using all modes of transit - A solid subway system would provide the backbone for a fast and effective network

The only parts of my plans I lay claim to are my proposal for an MBTD Express LRT, and driverless shuttles to service areas such as Scarborough Centre, Scarborough Town Centre, and Centennial College; Woodbine Centre and Woodbine Racetrack; and Mississauga City Centre and Square One Shopping Centre

I am also proposing an Ontario Line 2 ("Subway Light") along the original King Street Relief Line route - The King Street Pilot Project helps prove that this route would have the ridership to support it, and at almost half the cost of a traditional Subway this "Subway Light" would provide an opportunity to eliminate the King Streetcar altogether and return the roadway back to vehicular, as well as pedestrian and bike traffic

And finally; I am contemplating revising my proposal for an MBTD Express LRT to an Express Subway (let's call it Ontario Line 3) along Lawrence Avenue connecting Mississauga, Brampton, and Durham, with Pearson International Airport - This Express Subway ("Subway Light") would provide local service within Mississauga, Brampton, and Durham, but would only stop at key connections with other rapid transit lines within the City of Toronto

"Wow! It's so detailed (the blog). Sounds like some positive proposals. Maybe your blog helped with all of this in some ways. I'm sure it did."


"How do you account for the increased traffic? Is there a lot going on in the news at the moment?" - There is a spike whenever transit planners sit down to draft up new plans after a government (municipal or provincial) announces new transit proposals - Traffic does increase whenever there is news on transit, but the big spikes occur after the news dies down and planning begins - No other explanation fits - Phil Prentice - May 11'19

Ford Government Proposed GTA Transit Expansion Plans

So here is my take on the latest plans recently announced by the Ford government:

What’s New?

The Ontario Line – A new longer “light” subway line in place of the City’s proposed subway Relief Line

- A great move on his part – The subway light with smaller more frequent cars could result in other subway lines being built sooner than later – This could be a good option for a spur line in place of the proposed Relief Line West – Even better; I would call it “Ontario Line 2” and run it along Weston Road through Dundas West subway station, along King Street replacing the King Streetcar, and then east along Kingston Road towards Pickering (no; I am not advocating for a subway all the way to Pickering; unless they can prove that this “alternate” technology is much faster than our standard subways, the trip would be long and torturous) – However; should this new subway light be faster than our better way subways; it would also be a good option in place of my proposed MBTD Express LRT

- The termination of the Ontario Line at Ontario Place is a hint that he has very big plans for the park; let’s hope it’s not condos, a casino, or any other form of commercial development (deep down I know that's exactly what he's planning to do) – It should remain fully public recreational space – I would even go as far as to letting him have his Ferris wheel

Yonge North Subway Extension – Not really new; this has been on the books for decades; just no funds or capacity to build it – As long as the Ontario Line is complete and open before; I’m all for it (Who isn’t?)

Burying portions of the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension – Doug Ford’s plan is to bury more of the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension than the City had planned to – This is a positive move – The only reason the City didn’t do so was to keep costs down – It’s the right move and will allow for shorter and more direct routing

What’s Regurgitated?

The Three-stop SSE – Yeah!!! – Cutting the two stops from the Scarborough Subway Extension was a mistake; I would even go so far as adding a forth stop at Brimley and Eglinton
Making the Final Connection between the Sheppard Subway (Line 4) and the New Scarborough Subway Extension – Yeah again!!! – This will provide riders with options; it will get vehicles off the 401, and have a greater impact on ridership on Line 4 than anyone can imagine

McCowan and Sheppard Station – Yeah!!! - Ford’s plan to route the Line 4 and SSE extensions through McCowan and Sheppard is the way to go – It’s a perfect opportunity to eventually extend the subway north to Markham; it’s the right location for a major parking facility and transit hub (not Scarborough Centre and the City was planning to do)

McCowan and Lawrence Station – What can I say but, Yeah!!! – The Lawrence Avenue bus routes are some of the busiest bus routes in the city – The station at McCowan and Lawrence will result in shorter and faster trips for so many – I’m not a big fan of SmartTrack; I can take or leave the Kennedy and Lawrence SmartTrack Station, but if we have to choose, the McCowan and Lawrence Subway Station is a far superior option

"A Real Plan for Transit"

"Your plan is virtually perfect Jennifer - It's a well balanced approach - It includes the best of #SmartTrack, gives us back our 3-stop SSE, keeps the ball rolling along Eglinton, and puts the Relief Line ahead of everything else (where it belongs)" - Phil Prentice

The ‘golden age’ of Toronto Transit

"Toronto’s transit system was once such a wonder that, even into the 1980s, people came from around the world to study how it planned infrastructure projects, how it executed them and how it operated" - Stephen Wickens - The Globe and Mail

This is my comparison of the difference in speeds and travel times between a standard LRT with frequent stops, like the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, and my proposed Express LRT stopping at only key connections to other transit lines (GO, Subway, LRT, and BRT Lines); plus a comparison of the difference in speeds and travel times using a faster Siemens S70 type LRT vs the Bombardier Flexity Freedom Light Rail Vehicles currently proposed for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT

- See My Proposed MBTD Express LRT at

"Leave the GO RER as it was; scrap SmartTrack; and put the money back into a 3 or 4 stop subway extension" - Phil Prentice


SmarterTracks Scarborough – Phase IV – 5th DRAFT

Coming Soon! - My daughter just stitched together a map of the entire GTHA for me - I will be using this as a base for all of my plans this coming new year - Phil Prentice - December 30'16

This is the 5th draft of Phase IV of my SmarterTracks plan for rapid transit in Scarborough

This plan includes the following:

- A four-stop extension of the Bloor-Danforth (Line 2) Subway between Kennedy and Eglinton and McCowan and Sheppard [SSE]
- A subway connecting the Sheppard East (Line 4) Subway between Don Mills and Sheppard and the new SSE at McCowan and Sheppard
- A high-capacity parking facility at McCowan and Sheppard
- Preparation for an extension of the Bloor-Danforth (Line 2) Subway between McCowan and Sheppard and Markham ON
- A Markham Road LRT connecting Kennedy and Eglinton; Centennial College Progress Campus; and Malvern
- A driverless shuttlebus between Kennedy and Ellesmere GO Station; Scarborough Centre; and the Markham Road LRT at Markham and Progress and Centennial College Progress Campus
- An LRT between Ellesmere GO and UTSC connecting with Scarborough Town Centre, Scarborough Centre, and Rouge Valley/Centenary Hospital
- Preparation for a Finch East LRT between Yonge and Finch and Malvern Centre
- An Express LRT [the beginnings of an MBTD (Mississauga-Brampton-Toronto-Durham) Express LRT] along Lawrence Avenue East and Kingston Road between Lawrence GO and Highway #2 at Sheppard and Kingston Road
- A Sheppard East BRT between Scarborough Centre and Highway #2 at Sheppard and Kingston Road
- A driverless shuttlebus connecting the Toronto Zoo with the Sheppard East BRT


MBTD Express LRT

I revised my plan for an elevated rapid transit line serving Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Durham Region (MBTD Monorail or HERT) to an LRT, but; I was not satisfied that an LRT will do the job, so in order to cover the distances and achieve the speeds I feel will be required, I made the line an Express LRT with limited stops instead – The line will have at least one stop in each community and connect with every major rapid transit line along its route - I am calling it MBTD Express LRT

The first phases of the route will be a Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line, and a Mississauga-Pearson Airport line

The Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line (First phase of a Scarborough-Durham line) line will interconnect with the following:

- Lawrence GO/SmartTrack

- McCowan Road (Scarborough) Subway

- Markham Road LRT

- Crosstown East LRT

- Sheppard LRT or BRT

The Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line will be extended to form the Scarborough-Durham line – This next phase of the line will interconnect with Pickering GO and have the following stops:

- Pickering GO

- Pickering Centre

- (Possibly) Pickering East

- Ajax Centre

- Whitby Centre

- Oshawa West

- Oshawa Centre

- Oshawa East

The line can eventually be extended east to Clarington/Bowmanville

The Mississauga-Pearson Airport line (First phase of a Mississauga-Toronto line) line will interconnect with the following:

- Meadowvale GO

- Hurontario LRT

- Pearson Airport, UP Express, and SmartTrack LRT

The Brampton-Pearson Airport line will have its terminus and a large parking facility at Dixie and Mayfield Roads, and interconnect with the following:

- Brampton Züm BRT at three stops along Dixie Road

- The Mississauga line, UP Express, and SmartTrack LRT, at Toronto Pearson Airport

The Mississauga and Brampton lines will eventually be extended east to interconnect with:

- Weston GO

- Jane LRT or Beltline Subway

- Toronto-York Spadina Subway

- Yonge Street Subway

- Don Mills (Relief Line) Subway, and;

- The Scarborough-Durham line at Lawrence GO/SmartTrack

The Mississauga line can eventually be extended west to Milton

*** See for the first four phases of my plans for rapid transit in Scarborough ***

Our progress on transit in Toronto over the past 50 years has been pathetic! - Think about what the city looked like 50 years ago - A good chunk of Scarborough was rural @SmarterTracks @JohnTory @ScarbTO

My Proposed Markham-GTA Beltline Subway and Brampton-GTA-Pickering/Ajax Monorail

My Proposed Markham-GTA Beltline Subway - See the Subpage "Line 2" under the Main Page "TO's Transit Lines"

For Brampton-GTA-Pickering/Ajax Monorail - See the Main Page "Monorail"

My Proposed Toronto Belt Line Subway

For more information on my proposal for a Toronto Beltline Subway see the Main page "Toronto Belt Line" on this site

The Toronto Belt Line Railway was a passenger service that was proposed, privately built, and failed in the 1890s – The route was intended “to service and promote new suburban neighbourhoods north of the city limits through the communities that eventually became Rosedale, Moore Park, Forest Hill and Swansea - The line was never profitable and it only ran for two years - Today, as part of a rails-to-trail project, the remaining part of the line is now the Beltline Trail” – Wikipedia – It was an idea that was over 125 years ahead of it’s time

See the Main page "Ahead of It's Time! - The Toronto Belt Line Railway"


This is my own personal blog and website and is meant to promote public transit and sustainable urban development - It includes posts with my own plans and ideas and is a source of information and a place for the exchange of ideas, comments, and concerns regarding traffic and transit in Toronto, the GTHA, and the surrounding region, as well as other information on transit and urbanization - The blog includes posts from many sources, but many of the ideas, comments, and opinions are my own

I am for changes and improvement to all forms of transportation and transit (including roads and expressways), but; as a proponent of subways, my biases will be towards connecting and completing the Sheppard Avenue and Scarborough (McCowan) subways - Once this connection is made, there are many other options that can be applied elsewhere in the city, but; we need to minimize the number of different modes of transit and transfers - Not everybody wants to travel to and from Union Station

Also; the next draft of my “SmarterTracks” proposal for public transit in Scarborough and the surrounding area is ready – You can find it on this blog and at – Please be sure to leave your own comments and ideas

* Please be sure to Write a comment; or Share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ *

Also visit for complete details on my SmarterTracks plan


17.04.2018 23:13


TTC has to do a better job of clearing bus stops of snow and ice.
Servicing of bus stops has deteriorated over the years!

17.04.2018 23:30

Phil Prentice

- You can submit a formal complaint to the TTC at

17.04.2018 23:29

Phil Prentice

Hi Guy - Thanks for visiting my blog; I hope you find some useful ideas and information here - I haven't had to take a bus in quite some time, but I do feel your pain

28.07.2017 16:34


Hello I am from Chicago & I am building a sub cultural blog focused on public trans. Would you mind meeting for an interview sometime next week?

09.05.2017 00:15

Lela Gary

Ineffective verbiage and complacency have been the substitute and hindrance of progress. TO City Hall has been Leaderless and Visionless for the past 2 decades.

20.08.2016 22:48


This would have been a gold mine while doing my undergrad at UTSC for city studies focusing in on transportation. Future students will really benefit from this site.

21.08.2016 02:47

Phil Prentice

Thanks for the compliment!

02.08.2016 06:48

Alexander Ip

I rather a Surface belt line as i could get Cellphone Network Coverage on my commute

02.08.2016 13:45

Phil Prentice

I don't think we'll be ready to take all the roads away from cars for quite a while yet

30.07.2016 04:09


Hey man! can you check out my website, and also can you email me, I will tell u my real email after u reply

30.07.2016 19:31

Phil Prentice

My e-mail address is

18.06.2016 11:17

Phil Prentice

SmartTrack East $4B + 1-Stop Subway $2.9B + CELRT $1.6B = $8.5B for slower GO

3-Stop Subway $3.9B + CELRT $1.6B = $5.5B for faster GO

13.08.2016 18:45

Phil Prentice

I still prefer the McCowan Road alignment despite the additional costs - Just need to add back 2 or 3 subway stops, then we'll really have something

30.07.2016 04:12


I think mayor tory should change the corridor of the scarborough subway extension to midland avenue because midland doesn't have any deep ends and it will restore the cost of the subway back to $1.6 b

14.06.2016 07:05

Phil Prentice

Hi All – The second draft of Phase VI of my ten (10) phase proposal for public transit in Scarborough and the surrounding area is ready – You can find it at

30.07.2016 19:22

Phil Prentice

The McCowan Road corridor is the best route for eventual extension to Markham Ontario

30.07.2016 19:19

Phil Prentice

I strongly believe that McCowan Road is the best route for the extension of the Bloor-Danforth Subway Line - Even though there's less opportunity for new development, it is the most direct route

25.03.2016 22:31

Phil Prentice

Tory’s SmartTrack is focused on those travelling to and from the downtown area – In fact, with the exception of the proposed Finch LRT, every mode of transit is focused on Union Station

24.02.2016 06:05

Phil Prentice

Hi All – The first draft of my proposal for public transit in Scarborough and the surrounding area is ready – I have called it “SmarterTracks” – You can find it on this blog

22.02.2016 02:20

Phil Prentice

I am working on a proposal that will illustrate all or most of my key ideas and suggestions - STAY TUNED to (sometime before the end of February)